Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Bermuda Triangle....

I got a new job….I was excited….Better pay package and better work culture was there in my mind for sure…...I immediately called my sweetest sister who has got all the rights to reject any my decisions if my Jiju has gone for a party with his friends the previous night but I could convince her as Jiju was suffering from fever that time…… Well……. My Boss in my previous company gave me a farewell with my colleagues saying about my good qualities which even I never knew….Crap…..But I digested…..The only thing which attracted me to the farewell party was the gift which was to be delivered to me at the end of the party and so I tolerated those speeches given by my colleagues …… But I knew I would be missing the gems of the earth after departing from Bombay and I did……I reported my new Boss and joined Chambal ……I landed at the city and a extremely thin person welcomed me and took me to the office van……I sat in the van and the guy suddenly sang “ saat samunder paar me teri piche piche aa gai” in a girl’s tone and raced the car with a horrible speed to my hotel…..Crap….I was damn scared but I dared to sit in the van and safely reached hotel as I was quite fortunate…..I went to my office next day although I was not supposed to go there……I saw the board and went inside the office but stopped outside as few people were in meeting….I saw a old man delivering a speech on Indian politics and few young guys are listening to him as if they are attending world peace conference……I went inside and introduced myself……I later came to know that the old man was the office peon and the younger guys were my officers…..I was shocked to know in the evening that the thin man who escorted me to my hotel was my would be driver for my personal car……Well…..I still don’t allow Raj to drive my car with that “sat samunder” song on as he has a tendency to wave his hand in the air as soon as that music is on and races my car with a speed of 120km/hr..... I never forgot the famous saying “ Never allow a butcher to sing “ Jenifer Lopez “ on a stage as he may slay the entire extravaganza" ....... But the most unfortunate part is my Bhanja is a great fan of that song and he has sent me at least 4 CDs which includes that song in the menu…….

There are some experiences in life which should not be demanded twice from any man, and one of them is listening to the what Mr. Michel Jackson sings about kids…….

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Prasanna said...

Blog is as colorful as u n posts are as mystriuos as u :-)